How to Pay Employees in Vietnam

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Tailored for startups and businesses hiring remotely, this guide provides essential insights into the payroll process in Vietnam.

Expanding or starting a venture in Vietnam requires a deep understanding of the local payroll process. It's not just about salary distribution; it's about adhering to tax regulations, complying with statutory requirements, and appreciating cultural differences.

This guide will help you navigate the necessary steps to ensure effective payroll processing, employee satisfaction, and compliance with Vietnamese laws.

Paying Remote Employees in Vietnam - Your Options

Option 1: Establishing a Local Entity

For a long-term presence in Vietnam with a significant workforce, setting up a local entity is a strategic option. This allows you to hire Vietnamese workers directly and manage operations, but it also means navigating Vietnam's labor and tax laws.

Establishing local payroll processing and employee benefits requires a deep understanding of Vietnamese regulations and substantial investment in time and financial resources.

Option 2: Partnering with a Global Employment Organization

Collaborating with a global employment organizationcan offer a smoother entry into the Vietnamese market. Such partners can handle hiring and payroll in Vietnam on your behalf, covering payroll, benefits, tax filings, and legal compliance.

These services ensure that your employment practices are secure and in line with Vietnamese laws.

Option 3: Engaging Workers as Independent Contractors

Hiring Vietnamese workers as independent contractors is suitable for project-based work or freelancers. Be cautious of misclassifying employees as contractors, as this is a serious concern under Vietnamese employment law.

For legitimate contractor relationships, there are platforms to manage payments, helping to distinguish between contractors and full-time employees.

Option 4: Utilizing Online Freelance Platforms

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are convenient for hiring Vietnamese freelancers for short-term or specialized tasks. These platforms handle international payment transactions and tax withholding, easing compliance with Vietnamese tax laws.

This method suits businesses needing scalability without long-term employee commitments, although platform fees and engagement terms should be evaluated.

Option 5: Leveraging Local Payroll Outsourcing Services

Using local payroll outsourcing services in Vietnam is a practical option for those who prefer not to manage payroll in-house. These services are adept in Vietnamese payroll and tax regulations, ensuring accurate and timely payments, tax withholdings, and government reporting.

Outsourcing to Vietnamese experts can provide relief from the intricacies of local labor laws and mandatory contributions.

Option 6: Implementing Payroll Software Solutions

Adopting payroll software specific to Vietnam can automate many payroll tasks. Modern systems can calculate withholdings, and generate payslips, and year-end tax forms, configured to adhere to Vietnamese tax tables and statutory contributions.

Selecting a payroll software that integrates with your HR system can help streamline operations, but requires initial setup and continuous updates for regulatory changes.

What Currency to Use for Remote Payments in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, it's generally preferred to pay employees and contractors in the local currency, the Vietnamese Dong (VND). Contractors might have options for different currencies, but local currency transactions are usually simpler.

Understanding the Progressive Tax Rates in Vietnam

Vietnam uses a progressive tax system, with rates increasing based on income levels. It's important for employers to understand these brackets for accurate tax withholding.

Vietnamese Tax Brackets:

  1. Annual income up to VND 60 million: Exempt from income tax
  2. Additional brackets with higher rates, up to the highest bracket over VND 1 billion, taxed at 35%

This system is for personal income tax and does not include other mandatory contributions.

The Vietnamese Tax System and Employee Withholding

Employers in Vietnam are responsible for withholding the correct amount of tax from salaries as per the General Department of Taxation's guidelines. Compliance with these regulations and deadlines is critical.

The Best Payroll Tools and Platforms for Vietnam

Choosing the right payroll tools can simplify the process in Vietnam. Opt for software that complies with Vietnamese tax laws and employment regulations, offering automated tax calculations and direct deposit features.

Top Payroll Platforms in Vietnam:

  • Parallel:A leading payroll solution for remote workers in Vietnam.
  • Grove HR: Offers free core HR features for companies with less than 50 employees and comprehensive 360-degree feedback systems​​.
  • MISA AMIS: Provides comprehensive HR management including payroll, social insurance, and personal income tax features​​.
  • Base HRM: Known for its detailed analysis of HR situations and user-friendly customization of reports​​.
  • CoffeeHR: Focuses on user experience, offering automated payroll calculation and shift scheduling

Resource Allocation for Payroll Management

Effectively managing international payroll in Vietnam involves:

  1. Human Resources: A dedicated team or specialist for payroll.
  2. Financial Resources: Budgeting for system subscriptions, training, and compliance penalties.
  3. Time Resources: Setting aside time for payroll processing, tax filing, and legislative updates.
  4. Outsourcing Payroll Functions: Local payroll services can mitigate non-compliance risks.
  5. Consulting Tax Experts: For efficient tax strategies.

Hiring Independent Contractors in Vietnam

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