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Enabling compliance and payroll management of international teams from anywhere in the world.
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Our solutions

our technical solutions

Leverage our platform to hire global employees faster.

We bridge the gap between companies and global candidates by providing a flexible and robust HR management system to help you expand globally with a remote workforce.

  • Find the best-in-class talent for your company.
  • Onboard employees located anywhere seamlessly.
  • Pay your employees in their desired currencies.
  • Use Parallel to convert your cryptocurrency into Fiat and make payroll payments in local currency.
  • Improve your remote team’s productivity with a complete HR Management technology stack.

We provide borderless assistance for you to hire and pay your global workforce

  • We provide the support and flexibility for you to expand without the need of a local entity. Payroll and HR procedures can be complicated, especially when your team comprises of staff from various locations worldwide.
  • Our platform is configured so that we become responsible as the legal employer to help manage your staff payroll obligations globally.
  • Your global expansion plans needs support of a robust infrastructure that allows you to recruit, pay, manage and grow your team internationally. Parallel makes that possible.
borderless assistance

Benefits of Partnering with Parallel

  • Speed to market
    From contract to onboard, we put your global talent into work within a matter of days versus months of waiting that it takes you to set up entities in any given country.
  • Integrated HR solution
    Curation and management of a complete employee benefits package, from medical insurance to tech support for a remote workforce. Ensures employee management and retention.
  • Global presence, local knowledge
    We’re present in more than 50 countries across the world to maximize the coverage of your talent pool. Our teams are on the grounds with local knowledge to improve the employee experience and help you manage your global team compliantly.
  • Productivity enabled by technology
    Leverage our tech platform that is built on years of payroll experience in different countries to automate personnel data gathering and processing for streamlined payroll management

Simple & affordable pricing

Hire Employees
Onboard full-time employees in countries where you don’t have entities
Starting from $299/month
What’s covered
  • Instant contract template
  • Multi-country payroll
  • 24/7 support from local HR and legal experts
  • Employee pay slips
Pay Contractors
Onboard and pay contractors across the globe
Starting from $39/month
What’s covered
  • Instant contract template
  • Multi-country payroll
  • 24/7 support from local HR and legal experts
  • Employee pay slips

Our happy clients

Parallel simplifies the complete process of onboarding and payroll of global remote staff.
Parallel's user-friendly interface has made it simple for me to manage all aspects of my team's employment, from onboarding to payroll.
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