Partner with Parallel

Welcome to Parallel’s exclusive partnership program, designed for esteemed HR companies. We are on a mission to simplify global employment, and we believe a collaborative partnership with you is the key.

Here’s a glimpse into what we propose:

Immediate Revenue

We pay you for sending a small number of email communications to your client database. These emails will contain a brief survey aimed at understanding their remote hiring needs.

Ongoing Earnings

Benefit from a lucrative revenue share model for every client referred through this collaboration, creating a sustainable passive income stream for you.

Value for Your Clients

As a token of appreciation, every one of your clients who participates in the survey will receive their first month free with Parallel, providing them a chance to experience our robust HR solutions.

How the Partnership Works

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  • Apply

    Apply for our exclusive partnership invitation. If you are accepted into the program, prepare to send out the two emails.

  • Survey Dispatch

    We will send you the survey upon acceptance as a partner. You then dispatch the provided survey emails to your client database, helping us understand their global HR needs.

  • Referral Earnings

    Earn revenue share for every client referred to Parallel, alongside an immediate revenue for email dispatch.

  • Value Addition

    Your clients benefit from a free first month with Parallel, exploring our comprehensive HR solutions.

Why Partner with Parallel?

why partner with Parallel
Parallel is a pioneering EOR and Global Payroll platform committed to simplifying the hiring, management, and payment of global remote teams. Our partnership program is crafted to ensure a win-win scenario, providing financial incentives for HR companies while extending value to their clients.

Here’s a few things your Clients can
expect with Parallel as your Partner:

Cost Efficiency

Parallel’s automated and streamlined payroll and HR management solutions, significantly reduce operational costs.

Access to Top Talent

We help businesses access a global talent pool and quickly build a high-quality team.

Quick Global Scaling

We effortlessly expand businesses into new international markets with EORs in 50+ countries.

Compliance Assurance

Parallel’s robust compliance framework, ensures a secure and seamless global operation.

Ready to Partner with Parallel?

Seize this opportunity to augment your revenue, provide value to your clients, and be part of a global HR solution reshaping the future of work.

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