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WonderSmile has saved over 200+ hours each month since joining Parallel. From managing all aspects of their globally dispersed workforce to onboarding and payroll.

200 +

Hours saved each month

WonderSmile Case Study

As a fast-growing global provider of dental solutions, WonderSmile prides itself on driving innovation in dental health. With a workforce distributed across multiple countries, managing payroll and employee onboarding was a mammoth task that was both time-consuming and complex.

Before Parallel, WonderSmile had to contend with multiple local payroll vendors, juggling diverse processes on several platforms. This operational complexity not only involved massive administrative effort, but was also prone to errors, which often required additional time and resources to correct.

A Single Platform, Numerous Benefits

WonderSmile's search for a smarter, more efficient solution led them to Parallel. WonderSmile was drawn to the ease of use and advanced features of Parallel's platform. Our all-in-one platform allowed them to manage their team of 45 employees across different countries from a single centralized dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and the confusion that came with it.

The most transformative feature for WonderSmile was Parallel's automated payroll feature. This removed the need for manual processing, minimizing errors and significantly reducing the time and effort required for payroll operations.

I've had the pleasure of using Parallel's outstanding platform to manage my team of employees spread across multiple countries, and I must say, it's been a game changer for me. I've been able to manage and oversee my team of 45 employees from a single centralized dashboard thanks to Parallel's platform features.

Founder, Wondersmile

Time Saved, Growth Accelerated

Since implementing Parallel, WonderSmile has experienced significant time savings in its HR processes. With administrative tasks and HR complexities streamlined and automated, the team can now focus on core business activities, and ultimately, growing their business.

Parallel has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for managing their global team, with its user-friendly interface simplifying every aspect of team management, from onboarding to payroll.

Looking Ahead with Confidence

As WonderSmile continues to expand its reach and workforce, the company is confident that Parallel will scale with them. Parallel's ability to handle compliance, payroll management, and employee onboarding on a global scale is a key factor in this confidence.

Parallel has not only simplified HR and payroll management for WonderSmile, but has also empowered the team to spend their time where it matters most - improving dental health worldwide.

Parallel features they love:

  • Centralized Dashboard

    All their global team management needs met on one platform.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Simple and intuitive design, making the management of a diverse workforce easy.

  • Automated Payroll

    Significant time savings through automated and streamlined payroll processes.

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