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Myria expanded its global footprint confidently with Parallel's transparent and compliant platform. They have 35+ team members onboarded from 15+ countries with significant compliance & regulatory complexities managed.

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Unlocking the future of gaming through blockchain

Myria is a forward-thinking blockchain gaming platform designed to enhance the power of play. Leveraging Ethereum Layer 2, Myria brings digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming to life, creating immersive experiences for gamers worldwide.

The company's focus on decentralized technologies provides a robust foundation for its ever-evolving gaming platform, complete with the necessary applications, tools, and infrastructure to revolutionize how gamers interact with the digital world. Headquartered in the United States, Myria's team spans 15 different countries, reflecting the global nature of the blockchain gaming community.

Opting for a trusted EOR to power their global expansion

Myria's global ambitions required a partner that could handle the intricate complexities of local employment laws and regulations across various countries. When the team started its global push, they knew they needed an EOR that matched its needs for compliance, transparency, and agility.

We considered multiple options, but Parallel's platform was the standout choice. Its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance assured us that we could confidently hire the best global talent without getting tangled in the complexities of local employment laws.

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Experiencing transparency and compliance with Parallel

Parallel's solution offered Myria a compliant and transparent way to build a global workforce. As a company operating in the complex blockchain industry, ensuring compliance with varied international regulations was paramount. Parallel's meticulous attention to legalities and regulatory details gave Myria the peace of mind to expand its operations confidently.

Parallel allowed us to come closer to our customers who are located globally and to expand our business in ways we never imagined possible.

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By providing a streamlined process for onboarding international hires and maintaining full transparency, Parallel eliminated the barriers Myria previously faced in global expansion.

Seeing the potential and embracing the future with Parallel

Today, Myria has successfully hired over 35 individuals from 15 different nationalities using Parallel. The ease and transparency of the process have resulted in substantial growth for the company, leading to stronger connections with its global customer base.

The team at Myria has been able to focus on creating revolutionary blockchain gaming experiences, leaving the intricacies of global employment to the experts at Parallel.

We can now focus on what we do best - creating unique gaming experiences. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that Parallel has our back when it comes to international hiring is priceless.

Myria executive

In the future, Myria aims to continue its global expansion, confident that Parallel will handle all its employment needs seamlessly. This partnership has enabled Myria to take bold strides in the blockchain gaming industry, realizing its vision of a truly global gaming platform.

Parallel features they love:

  • Compliance and Transparency

    With Parallel's detailed attention to regulatory compliance and commitment to transparency, Myria can comfortably expand its operations across borders, secure in the knowledge that they are meeting all local employment regulations.

  • Customer Support

    Parallel's dedicated customer support team is always available to assist with any queries or concerns, ensuring Myria's global operations run smoothly at all times.

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