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Monetize Your Connections with the Parallel Affiliate Program

There's untapped potential within your professional network, an opportunity to generate substantial rewards by simply leveraging your connections.

If you're an influencer in your field, a successful entrepreneur, or a well-connected professional with a network that includes decision-makers in businesses, particularly those managing remote teams, this is a golden opportunity for you.

Introducing the Parallel Affiliate Program.

What is the Parallel Affiliate Program?

The Parallel Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you to earn by doing what you already do—connecting with your network.

The only difference is that now, these connections can pay you back in a significant way. By becoming a Parallel Affiliate, you will have the chance to introduce them to a powerful tool that simplifies the complexities of managing and paying global remote teams, while also ensuring local compliance and offering seamless crypto off-ramping.

And the best part? Each successful referral earns you $2000.*

How Does It Work?

The process is as simple as it gets. Click, share, earn.

Click the apply button, fill in your details, and you're registered as a Parallel Affiliate. We'll promptly send your unique referral link via email.

Share the referral link with your professional network, friends, colleagues, and followers. Spread the word about Parallel, an excellent platform that makes managing and scaling global teams a breeze.

Earn: Every time a referral becomes a paying Parallel customer, $2000 is yours*.

Who Can Benefit from Parallel?

Parallel offers a remarkable solution for businesses, especially those with remote teams or considering hiring remotely. This includes startups, tech companies, Web3 businesses, and NFT collections.

Here's what they stand to gain:

  • Access to a global talent pool, with compliance ensured across different countries.
  • A simplified payroll management system that supports both local and digital currencies.
  • Seamless transition support for companies switching from another EOR platform.
  • Crypto off-ramping for Web3 companies and NFT projects, allowing them to pay in local fiat currency.

Where Can You Share It?

You can share your referral link virtually anywhere.

  • If you're an industry professional, think of the businesses in your network that could benefit from Parallel's services.
  • As an influencer in the business and tech space, introduce Parallel to your audience.
  • If you're an affiliate marketer, consider promoting Parallel to the businesses you already work with.

Remember, you're not just promoting; you're providing a solution to businesses struggling with global remote team management or seeking effective payroll solutions.

The Bottom Line

The Parallel Affiliate Program offers an incredible opportunity to earn while helping businesses thrive in a remote work environment.

And with every successful referral, a whopping $2000 is yours to enjoy.

So, why wait? Leverage your network, share the benefits of Parallel, and start earning today!

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