10 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

10 not lame virtual team building activities 1

Are you grappling with building a cohesive remote team?

Trying to ramp up team productivity and morale?

Searching for ways to make your virtual workspace a hub of creativity and collaboration?

You are not alone in this.

The world of work has evolved, and remote work is the new normal.

The challenge? Building a dynamic and positive team culture that fuels productivity and innovation.

So, how do you balance professionalism with fun and ensure your remote employees aren’t bored to death in every meeting?

Let's dive deeper.

Why You Should Incorporate Remote Team Building Activities

10 not lame virtual team building activities 2

Virtual team-building activities have soared in popularity ever since the pandemic.

They have become the ultimate solution for fostering strong, inclusive, and enthusiastic team camaraderie in a remote setting.

These activities are your ticket to an animated and harmonious team that not only works well together but also enjoys each other’s virtual company.

How to Find Not Lame Team Building Activities!

10 not lame virtual team building activities 3

Whether you’re a manager injecting some zest into your team's routine or a startup owner wanting to improve team performance and scale - we’ve got you covered.

These 10 innovative virtual team-building activities are designed to resonate with remote teams and turn every interaction into a memorable one.

It's time to transcend the boring monday meeting zoom calls and start having some fun.

Ready to transform your team dynamics? Let’s go.

10 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

10 not lame virtual team building activities 4

  1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  2. Virtual Escape Room
  3. Virtual Game Night
  4. Virtual Book Club
  5. Two Truths and One Lie
  6. Funny Desert Island Scenario
  7. Virtual Trivia
  8. Letter Hunt
  9. Pancakes Vs Waffles Debate
  10. Online Mystery Games

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is not just an engaging and amusing activity; it is also a fantastic method for building teamwork and fostering relationships within your remote team.

The hunt challenges employees to find items within their home, promoting creative thinking and innovation, while the shared experience enhances a sense of community and camaraderie.

It is an excellent team-building tool for virtual environments.

Setup Tip: Create a list of common household items for participants to find. For a twist, include fun tasks like "Take a selfie with your pet", and "Find a spoon, a pair of socks, and a family photo."

2. Virtual Escape Room

The virtual escape room is more than a thrilling adventure.

It's a playground for critical thinking and collaboration.

Teams work together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges, pushing their creative and logical thinking to the limit.

The time-sensitive nature of escape rooms also adds an element of pressure that helps team members understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better.

How to do it? Choose a platform offering virtual escape rooms or use video conferencing tools with screen sharing to solve puzzles together.

3. Virtual Game Night

Looking for fun remote team-building activities? Host a virtual game night!

This light-hearted activity creates a relaxed environment where team members can interact, laugh, and bond, making it a top choice for team-building Zoom sessions.

How to Play:

Select a variety of games accessible to everyone and create a relaxed atmosphere by encouraging casual conversation.

For example, you could play Pictionary by drawing on a shared online whiteboard.

You split your group into teams and have them compete against each other as they draw on a shared whiteboard.

4. Virtual Book Club

Creating a virtual book club extends beyond fostering a love for literature.

It's a space where diverse opinions and perspectives converge, promoting respectful debate and discussion.

This activity provides an intellectual and reflective avenue for team members to explore different viewpoints and cultures, thereby enriching their understanding and tolerance, essential elements in building a supportive and inclusive workplace.

5. Two Truths and One Lie

This activity is a fantastic icebreaker.

It enables team members to share personal anecdotes, allowing colleagues to guess which are true or false, paving the way for stronger connections and an understanding of each individual’s uniqueness.

Setup Tip: Ask participants to prepare their statements in advance and create a relaxed environment to encourage sharing.

Example: "I have visited Antarctica, I speak three languages, I have met a president."

6. Funny Desert Island Scenario

Spark creativity within your team with this amusing activity.

It encourages members to discuss and brainstorm survival strategies, reinforcing team cooperation and imaginative thinking, essential components in team building activities for remote teams.

Hot Tip: Propose a scenario and a list of items to choose from, then discuss the chosen items and survival strategies.

Example: "You’re stranded on an island; would you rather have a knife, a fishing net, or a solar-powered radio?"

7. Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia is a holistic approach to fostering team spirit and healthy competition.

By engaging team members in various topics you can broaden knowledge bases and spark new conversations.

The competitive edge adds a layer of excitement and motivation, encouraging participation and collaboration, essential for cultivating a cohesive and harmonious team.

8. Letter Hunt

The Letter Hunt goes beyond a simple observational game. It's a mental exercise that sharpens focus and cultivates a keen eye for detail.

By promoting alertness and rapid thinking, it encourages team members to be more attentive and proactive.

This game helps in refining concentration and responsiveness, pivotal skills in navigating the fast-paced and dynamic virtual workspace.

Setup Tip: Assign a letter and a category and give participants a time limit to find as many relevant items as possible.

Example: "Find words starting with ‘C’ in the ‘Fruits’ category."

9. Pancakes Vs Waffles Debate

This playful debate is more than just a culinary discussion. It’s a platform for expressing preferences and opinions in a fun, informal setting.

This activity fosters an atmosphere of open conversation and light-hearted banter, allowing team members to connect on a personal level, thereby strengthening interpersonal relationships and promoting a friendly and inclusive team environment.

What do you choose? Pancakes or Waffles?

Setup Tip: Assign a stance to each team member or let them choose their preference, then have a friendly debate.

Example: List the reasons why pancakes/waffles are the superior breakfast choice.

10. Online Mystery Games

Online mystery games are not just for entertainment. They’re intricate puzzles requiring collaboration and analytical thinking.

These games compel teams to work closely, deciphering clues and analyzing information, honing their collective problem-solving skills.

The suspense and excitement keep everyone engaged, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and collective effort in achieving shared goals.

Setup Tip: Select a game that encourages team collaboration and assign roles to each participant.

Example: Solve the whodunit by discussing the evidence and voting on the most likely suspect.

Best Practices for Running Virtual Games: Elevate Your Team’s Virtual Experience!

10 not lame virtual team building activities 5

🎯 Start with Clear Instructions

Kickstart every virtual game with succinct, clear instructions. It ensures a smooth flow and keeps everyone on the same page, mitigating any possible confusion.

🤝 Encourage Participation

Promote an inclusive environment in your team. Encourage every team member to participate, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Acknowledge contributions and encourage quieter team members to share their thoughts.

🕑 Allocate Adequate Time

Ensure each game has enough time allocated, not rushing through activities. This promotes a relaxed atmosphere, allowing teams to fully engage and relish the experience.

🎉 Celebrate Wins and Efforts

Acknowledge every win and appreciate the efforts. This instills a sense of accomplishment and fosters a positive and motivating environment.

🔄 Rotate Teams and Roles

For recurring activities, rotate team formations and roles. This ensures diversified interactions and helps in building connections across different team members, vital for creating harmonious team dynamics.

📏 Set Clear Objectives

Establish clear goals for each activity. Whether it’s enhancing collaboration or sparking creativity, having a defined objective keeps the team focused and aligned.

🛠️ Use Appropriate Tools

Leverage virtual tools and platforms conducive to interaction and engagement, such as Zoom for team building Zoom activities or other specialized platforms for specific games.

🔄 Seek Feedback and Iterate

After each game, gather feedback to understand the team’s preferences and experiences. Use insights to refine and tailor future activities, keeping them fresh and aligned with team needs.

📈 Balance Competition and Collaboration

While competitive games can be exhilarating, balancing them with collaborative activities ensures varied experiences, catering to different preferences and fortifying different aspects of team building.

🌐 Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity

Be mindful of the diverse backgrounds within the team. Choose activities that are inclusive and culturally sensitive, ensuring a comfortable and respectful environment for all. If you recently onboarded a new remote employee, ensure they are respected and included in these activities.

🕵️ Solve Mysteries Virtually

Online mystery games, which demand strong collaboration, analytical skills, and the interpretation of clues, are engaging and rewarding. These games can be a fascinating adventure, allowing teams to work closely and experience the thrill of solving mysteries together.

🗣️ Facilitate Open Discussions

Post-activity discussions can be enlightening. Encourage team members to share their thoughts, learning, and experiences, fostering mutual understanding and deeper connections.

Incorporating virtual games as part of your team-building strategy can be transformative, breathing life into virtual interactions.

By employing these best practices, you not only make these games successful but also create an enriching and memorable virtual environment.

It’s all about blending fun with learning, turning every virtual encounter into a stepping stone for building stronger, more resilient, and harmonious teams.

Final Thoughts on Remote Team Building Games

Leaders looking to instill a sense of unity and joy in their remote teams have a plethora of options.

These 10 not-lame virtual team-building activities are tailored to increase team productivity, efficiency, and morale.

By incorporating such innovative activities, managers and startup owners can create an inclusive, fun, and enriching remote working experience, thereby maximizing their team’s potential output and fostering a harmonious workplace environment.

Remember, the essence of team building lies in addressing the individual needs and preferences of your team members.

So, whether it’s Zoom team-building activities or virtual team-building activities for large groups, you should be prepared to ensure you build a cohesive and resilient team.