Relocation with ease
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We make relocation easier for you and your employees.
We built a one-stop solution for you, using technology,
services, and partnerships. Reduced your cost,
retain your control and open up your possibilities.

I am HR

  • Simplifying immigration for your employees:

    Manage global mobility on one single platform with streamlined process.

  • Reducing relocation costs:

    Achieve true price transparency with no middlemen.

  • Improving relocation efficiency:

    Track relocation spending and identify cost reduction opportunities.

I am Employee

Our relocation management system is a single portal that controls all moving parts:
  • Designing your relocation package

  • Designing your timeline

  • Tracking your spending vs budget

  • Monitoring relocation progress

  • Easy reimbursements

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Our marketplace provides access to all service vendors (with reviews) at discounted prices:
  • Household goods moving

  • Home search (with virtual service)

  • Temporary accommodation

  • Visa processing

  • School search

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Data Analytics
Our data analytics system allows HR to track, analyse and improve the relocation of their team:
  • Summary overview of their past and current employee relocations

  • Summary overview of the timeline and the spending/reimbursement/budget of their employee relocations

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Why Us?
We are a relocation SaaS company that offers a one-stop solution to everything about corporate relocation. We are about cost, choice and control.
why us
We are about cost, choice, and control.
Our marketplace cuts off the murky relocation intermediaries and offers clarity and flexibility to your employees. Our management system is a single portal that controls all moving parts. Our innovative data-driven technology helps you identify cost reduction opportunities.
In contrast to the traditional relocation partners, we
put the power back in your hands.
What they provide
A dedicated consultant to coordinate the entire move with a predetermined budget and no price transparency.
They charge you in:
  • Markups to services

  • Dedicated relocation consultation

  • Backroom deals with suppliers

What we provide
One centralized software for employees to plan out their own budget, choose their vendors and get reimbursed automatically.
We charge you in:
  • Fixed subscription fee per relocating employee.

  • We prov